Bureau du design

The Bureau du design launches initiatives that aim to stimulate creativity and innovation in design and architecture. It guides the city’s departments and boroughs in implementing processes that promote the quality and sustainability of their projects.

The bureau’s actions for the city are transversal. As instigator and representative of the 2030 Montréal Agenda for Quality and Exemplarity in Design and Architecture (in french), it aims to raise public awareness of the importance and impact of quality design and architecture to preserve the attractiveness of Montréal’s living environments.

The bureau, which was created when Montréal was designated a UNESCO City of Design, contributes to the city’s development and takes inspiration from best practices. It seizes every opportunity to promote Montréal and its designers by creating ties with other creative cities in the UNESCO network.


  • Make Montréal’s designers and architects allies in the ecological and social transition in which the city is engaged.
  • Develop the city in collaboration with designers and architects.
  • Offer assistance to the city’s boroughs and departments with respect to their design and architecture projects.
  • Promote the growth of design and architecture firms and showcase their talent.


  • Provide guidance for planning, supply and execution of municipal projects by experimenting with innovative processes (requests for qualifications, competitions, panels, workshops, etc.).
  • Publish the Directory of Montréal Designers, an online reference that lists design and architecture firms.
  • Offer support to organizations that are contributing to a stronger design and architecture culture in Montréal.


Consult Design Montréal and the catalogue Code souvenir Montréal.