City Hall team

The city hall team is led by Mayor Valérie Plante and is composed of elected officials who advise her. The team makes decisions and acts in residents’ interests so that Montrealers can enjoy living in a city that is in sync with current issues. It also studies major projects in Montréal and oversees

A word from Valérie Plante, mayor of Montréal

In 2017, Montreal elected its first woman as mayor 375 years after the city was founded. Four years later, Montrealers entrusted me and our Projet Montréal team with a second mandate. We pledge to fulfill it with ambition, rigour and passion.

During this mandate, we will put the priorities, needs and concerns of Montrealers front and center at all times. We will listen to the city’s residents and stay connected to the realities on the ground. 

For the first time in its history, Montréal can count on a group of elected officials that truly represents its population. Montréal is enriched by its diversity, and seeing it so clearly reflected in the municipal administration is extremely gratifying.

Together, and alongside Montrealers, we will work to accelerate the city’s development, improve quality of life in our neighbourhoods, stimulate our economic recovery, speed up the ecological transition, increase the supply of affordable housing, and chart a path forward on the many major issues that will shape tomorrow’s Montréal.

Over the next four years, we have the opportunity to make significant strides on these pressing issues. We have the opportunity to add our personal touch to them, so that Montréal continues to enjoy renown the world over for its quality of life and ecological values. At the same time, we have a chance to celebrate and more importantly protect our shared language, French, and our culture.

In short, this is our chance to build a Montréal that we can be proud to bequeath to our children.

Please rest assured, dear Montrealers, that we will work for all of you in the next four years, to honour the trust that you have placed in us.