Pomelo - Ombres folles


Pomelo is an ode to nature and the cycle of the seasons, which allows us to see things die and then be reborn, and which takes us from one extreme to another. Thanks to shadows, live music and the diffusion of scents, Pomelo will be an enchanting and enveloping experience!


Pomelo is a tiny pink elephant, born under a dandelion in a garden. With humor and sensitivity, Pomelo discovers the world around him, before experiencing a shock: the arrival of autumn, then winter! In love with his garden, saddened by the sight of collapsing strawberry plants, amazed by a snowflake, Pomelo is the very embodiment of childhood.

Puppet theater
For ages 3 and up
Running time 45 minutes


9665 Boulevard Gouin Ouest
Montréal, QC H8Y 1R4