Disclose a loss of exemption for property transfer duties

Last updated February 19, 2024

Did you lose your exemption due to stock transfer within your company? You must let us know about it.

The Act Respecting Duties on Transfers of Immovables defines situations in which a buyer can be exempted from transfer duties. However, some situations can cause you to lose that exemption. 

For example, exemption could be lost in the following situation:

  • A natural person (an individual) transfers a building to a legal person (a corporate entity) for which he or she owns 90 per cent of the stock. The transaction is exempt. 
  • Later, however, there is a change of shareholders within 24 months of the sale of the building, resulting in a loss of exemption. 

When you lose your exemption, you have 90 days to send us a disclosure form.

A transfer duties account invoice will be issued by the city.


Required documents

In addition to the disclosure form, you must provide us with one of the following documents:

  • An authentic copy of the notarial act en minute
  • A copy of the private deed that states the building transfer

Communication channels

By e-mail

If you have questions about losses of exemption, e-mail us at [email protected].