Submit an arts project to the arts centres

Last updated December 13, 2022

Are you an artist or an arts organization who would like to submit an arts project to the arts centre network? Here’s how it works.


The Montréal arts centres present 2,000 shows and 150 exhibitions each year. They aim to make culture accessible to all Montrealers throughout the city. The centre’s multidisciplinary program highlights emerging and established professional artists and reflects the diversity of the city’s population. You can attend events for free or for an affordable price.

The city presents a wide range of art forms such as theatre, music, dance, singing, photography and circus at many types of venues (performance halls, exhibition halls, churches, community centres, parks and public squares, etc.).

Submit a project online

Whatever your artistic discipline and your project, please

A member of our team will make sure that your file is complete and will send you an an e-mail to confirm.

Your project will then be available for our arts agents in charge of planning events in every borough to view.

If an arts agent wants to present your project, he or she will contact you directly.

Selection criteria

Cultural programmers in each borough choose events based on characteristics of their borough such as population, type of venue available, the geography of the territory and the priorities of the borough’s cultural development plan.

Registration period

You can submit your project (show or exhibition) throughout the year. 

The arts centres decide on their programming:

  • Between six months and one year in advance for concerts and other shows
  • Between 12 and 18 months in advance for exhibitions (visual and digital arts).

Your proposal will be available to view on the site for three years.


Find the complete contact information for the arts centres in each borough and the technical specifications of their facilities.


Communication channels

Go to the Accès Culture Artiste website to create an account and submit your artistic project.

Contact the team

Visual arts, digital arts and film
Benoît Gagnon
514 872-1774
[email protected]

Song, circus, dance, theatre and variety
Elisa Belache 
514 781-6354
[email protected]

Wissam Yassine
514 868-4856
[email protected]