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Last updated October 4, 2022

Do you want to have an important subject recognized during a commemorative ceremony, or by a tangible commemoration, place name, identification or citation? Find out how.

Selecting a subject for recognition

You can propose a recognition subject from among the following categories:

  • An institution
  • A social or cultural phenomenon or event
  • An historical character or a group of people
  • A tradition, practice or skill
  • A place, urban ensemble, building, or movable asset (thing)

Before proposing a recognition subject, make sure that it: 

  • Contributes to strengthening Montréal’s identity (see definition on page 10 of the Cadre d’intervention en reconnaissance)
  • Respects the values set out in the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Meets the criteria outlined in the Guide d’application.

In addition, the proposed subject will be analyzed using various evaluation criteria outlined in the Cadre d’intervention en reconnaissance (recognition intervention framework): 

  • The subject’s significance or its value as an example, a reference or a positive influence
  • The subject’s connection with or roots in Montréal
  • The subject’s contribution to highlighting issues associated with groups or realities traditionally under-represented in the body of recognition, such as women, Indigenous peoples and ethno-cultural groups
  • The prioritization of topics other than people
  • The precedence of subjects not yet recognized by one of the five recognition tools.

Evaluation of proposals

To propose a subject for recognition, you must first complete the form below. The city will review your application to ensure it’s compliant and the subject has not already been recognized.

Your proposal will then be submitted to a committee of experts, who will evaluate its relevance and classify successful proposals into priority lists or subject banks for future use.


Submit a proposed recognition subject

Fill out this form to submit a recognition subject proposal.

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