Revitalization of Avenue des Pins

Published December 14, 2023 - 4:54 pm

The revitalization of Avenue des Pins includes the installation of 2 bicycle paths and the addition of 160 trees over a distance of about 1 km between Rue Saint-Denis and Avenue du Parc. This will provide a greener, more enjoyable neighbourhood and better sharing of its public spaces.

The revitalization of Avenue des Pins includes a new public square, the creation of “lounge” spaces for relaxing and socializing, and the addition of thousands of perennials.  

An automatic irrigation system and curb extensions with drainage were installed, the width of the roadway was reduced, and the sidewalks were rebuilt. 

The work also included repairs to drinking water and sewer pipes, and upgrades to the electricity, natural gas, and telecommunications infrastructures.

(Due to supply problems, permanent traffic lights will be installed at a later date).