Halte Bellerive

Last updated July 8, 2022
Between Rue Baldwin and Rue Des Ormeaux
Montréal, QC

During the summer, the Halte Bellerive in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve offers a multitude of activities for children and adults alike. With its commanding view of the river, this relaxing space is a popular draw with pedestrians and cyclists.


This project called for the transformation of the section of Rue Bellerive between Rue Baldwin and Rue Des Ormeaux into a public space. As well as act as a destination, this space provides a link between Parc Pierre-Tétreault and Parc de la Promenade-Bellerive.

Through short-term transitional redevelopments and a permanent redevelopment, the  Halte Bellerive will offer pedestrians and cyclists of all ages places for relaxation and contemplation, recreation and food services, while respecting and complementing existing activities.


  • Develop an attractive and unifying social space between Parc Pierre-Tétreault and Parc de la Promenade-Bellerive that can be used year-round.
  • Improve the offer for residents in terms of relaxation, recreation, activities and refreshments, in a harmonious and safe setting accessible to everyone.
  • Highlight the proximity to the river and the natural and recreational character of the location.
  • Lend dynamism to the neighbourhood and increase the size of the pedestrian space.


  • Multipurpose four-season kiosks (pop-up markets, interpretation and recreation activities, etc.)
  • Relaxing street furniture (benches, picnic tables, bad weather shelters)
  • Possibility of renting equipment for activities and games as well as books and sports equipment (component postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic)


Halte Bellerive
Between Rue Baldwin and Rue Des Ormeaux
Montréal, QC