Jardin Marcelle-Gauvreau

Last updated November 22, 2023
Avenue Laurier Est and Boulevard Pie-IX
Montréal, QC

The Jardin Marcelle-Gauvreau, which was designed as a monarch butterfly haven, is adapted to monarchs’ lifestyle. It is located at the corner of Avenue Laurier and Boulevard Pie-IX.


A pool filled with river rocks, a number of butterfly shelters, an ash wood palisade and a number of plants that were specifically chosen to attract these magnificent migrators and other pollinating insects. 

An oasis for monarchs

This space is a certified Monarch Oasis. The garden was certified by Space for Life thanks to the the following three criteria:

  • It features three species of milkweed and a variety of nectar-producing plants 
  • Its large flower beds
  • Its sunny location

The garden also has an educational vocation. Passersby can learn about this great voyager from educational panels in the garden.

Marcelle Gauvreau

Marcelle Gauvreau dedicated her professional life to plants, alongside Brother Marie Victorin. Gauvreau, a trained botanist who died in 1968, helped write “La Flore laurentienne” and founded the École de l’Éveil, a school to introduce young people to the natural sciences, at a time when women were a minority in the field.

The Monarch Garden bears her name in order to honour her contribution to the history of science and education in Québec. 

Mayors’ Monarch Pledge

Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie is part of the “Mayors’ Monarch Pledge” initiative. The design of the new garden is part of a series of measures that have been implemented to preserve this emblematic butterfly’s natural habitat.


Jardin Marcelle-Gauvreau
Avenue Laurier Est and Boulevard Pie-IX
Montréal, QC