Temporary closure

Parc Baldwin outdoor swimming pool

Last updated July 7, 2023
4355 Rue Fullum
Montréal, QC H2H 1N1

The project to rebuild the Parc Baldwin pool on its current site has been changed by the borough. The future swimming pool will be located in the northwest sector of the park.


Biogas management, soaring construction costs and the potential impacts on neighbouring homes during pile driving forced the borough to review the entire project. It was also impossible to repair the pool once again because of loose soils resulting in sinking of the pool. 

The new pool will be located in the northwest sector of the park, where there is currently a soccer field. On the site of the old swimming pool, a new natural soccer field will be developed and the pavilion will be demolished.


The pool facilities (pool, wading pool, filtration system, beach, welcome centre), which were built in 1964, have reached the end of their lifespan. The filtration system is outdated and no longer complied with regulatory standards. The existing mechanical room was no longer large enough to contain new filtration and water treatment equipment. 

Given that the project is on an unused elimination site (former garbage dump), it is subject to article 65 of Québec’s Environment Quality Act.

The facilities are subject to ground movement due to settling and decomposition of backfill materials. The foundation of the pavilion is collapsing, and a number of cracks and raised areas have been observed. Consequently, the walls of the building are cracking and are misaligned towards the outside. The building has major structural defects and would not be able to withstand renovations. 

The new project

The future 50-metre pool with swimming lanes will be able to accommodate a greater number of swimmers. A wading pool and a partially shaded beach are also planned.

A call for tenders will be launched in the autumn of 2023 for the plans and specifications. The construction work will be complete in 2025. It is hoped that the pool will be open in 2026.

Please note that play fountains are open in the northern portion of the park.


Parc Baldwin outdoor swimming pool
4355 Rue Fullum
Montréal, QC H2H 1N1