Closed for the season

Parc Francesca-Cabrini sledding hill

Last updated March 29, 2022
Rue Cabrini
Montréal, QC H1T 3S4

This sledding hill is located at Parc Francesca-Cabrini, near the southern end of Rue Cabrini.


Six sledding corridors are available to residents keen on making the most of winter in the city.

The borough invites residents to carefully read the guidelines posted on site and to exercise caution when sledding.

Rules to follow

  • No not exceed the number of people authorized on your sled, toboggan, etc.
  • While sledding, keep your hands and feet close to your body.
  • Group sledding is prohibited.
  • Sledding head first is prohibited.
  • Wait until the person in front of you has vacated the bottom of the hill before you push off.
  • After your descent, move away from the bottom of the hill as quickly as possible.
  • Use the designated area to climb back up the hill.
  • Parental supervision is strongly recommended for children ages 10 and under.
  • Children ages 6 and under must be supervised by a parent.
  • It is strongly recommended that young children wear safety helmets.
  • It is preferable to practice this activity in the presence of another person.
  • Sledding outside of opening hours is prohibited.
  • Any unacceptable conduct will not be tolerated.

Sledding equipment permitted:

  • Crazy carpet
  • Saucer
  • Toboggan
  • Sled
  • Tri-ski sled

Practicing this activity involves risks. Please exercise caution.

Any person who does not comply with the guidelines may be asked to leave the site.

The city shall not be held responsible in the event of an injury.


Parc Francesca-Cabrini sledding hill
Rue Cabrini
Montréal, QC H1T 3S4