Parc Raymond

Last updated July 25, 2023
Boulevard Bishop-Power
Montréal, QC H8P 2R2

Parc Raymond is located behind LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School (LCCHS).


Parc Raymond is a park for relaxing.

Brand-new concept

The Parc Raymond area where the pool and skatepark were located will be completely transformed.

The new park development will be divided into two main sections: the skatepark and the splash pad area.

Skatepark area

  • Skateboarding space
    The skatepark will give skateboarders an opportunity to create original tricks and runs. In 2019, as part of a school project, youngsters from Grand Heron school expressed interest in the project to redevelop the skatepark in Parc Raymond. Enthusiastic about the youngsters’ interest in the project, the borough set up a residents’ committee with the collaboration of the Montreal Skateboard Association. Through this committee, LaSalle skateboarders had the chance to discuss their interests and expectations for the new facilities. The skatepark will be built on a concrete surface allowing for the use of scooters or skateboards. 
  • Piazzetta space
    Located between the school and the skatepark, the piazzetta will be sports lovers’ favourite place. Benches will be installed so that they can take a short break between two tricks. Trees will also be planted to provide some shade.

Splash pad area

  • Splash pad space

Parc Raymond pool had become outdated and was damaged as well, so it wasn’t feasible to repair it. Faced with this fact, the borough decided to set up a large-scale splash pad area. This space will be as large as the L’Aquaciel play area, located on the grounds of the Centre sportif Dollard-St-Laurent. These facilities, which are sure to be very popular, will serve residents living south of the Canal de l’Aqueduc.  

  • Play space

A play area with ground markings will allow users to express themselves and have fun.

  • Relaxation space 

This area will be appreciated by families wanting to relax under the umbrellas.

The strong presence of organic colours and shapes, both on the equipment and on the ground, will visually unify the two large areas. The greenery chosen will contribute to this mix through the variety of textures and colours.

Parc Raymond chalet will also be renovated. The borough expects these new facilities will be inaugurated in 2023.



Parc Raymond
Boulevard Bishop-Power
Montréal, QC H8P 2R2