Place des Fleurs-de-Macadam

Last updated July 29, 2022
Avenue du Mont-Royal
Montréal, QC

Place des Fleurs-de-Macadam is a floodable, multifunctional space located on Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, between Rue Boyer and Rue de Mentana.


The site was previously occupied by a gas station, operated by Armand Ferland, father of the celebrated lyricist-composer-singer Jean-Pierre Ferland. That is why the plaza is named after one of his songs, whose title translates as “flowers in asphalt”.

In addition to containing rainwater collection facilities, the unique design includes fine mist from jets installed among river rocks, a variety of plants, street furniture. An artwork by the En temps et lieu studio is suspended above the plaza.


  • Bike stand
  • Drinking fountain


  • Stroller-friendly
  • Wheel-chair accessible
  • Wheelchair accessible with assistance


Place des Fleurs-de-Macadam
Avenue du Mont-Royal
Montréal, QC