Rue Decelles

Last updated May 22, 2024
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Between Rue Décarie and Rue Sainte-Croix
Montréal, QC

Rue Decelles, which links the metro station and two colleges, has been redesigned to improve the user experience all year long. This safe and delightful road is a perfect place for passersby to stop and relax.


Rue Decelles has been redivided and redesigned with new pedestrian areas to strengthen the link between the Côte-Vertu metro station and the educational hub of the Cégep Vanier and Cégep St-Laurent. The innovative features between Rue  Décarie and Rue Sainte-Croix in Old Saint-Laurent have transformed this busy area, adding a lively character and more responsiveness to users’ needs

Due to COVID-19, the project is currently on hold for its transition to the second temporary phase, titled “Decelles jardine, le quartier se voisine” (“Decelles is gardening, and the neighbourhood is growing closer together”). 


  • Use simple features to enhance both atmosphere and safety. This will attract pedestrians and guide them along the street. 
  • Stimulate the senses of passersby with interactive features along the way. 


  • Sectional platforms with street furniture