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Espace pour la vie présents ROUGE 2100: a martian adventure imagined by Cirque Éloize in cooperation with the Planetarium and Farah Alibay

Published April 22, 2024 - 1:00 pm
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Montréal, April 22, 2024 – Starting April 23, the Montréal Planétarium/Espace pour la vie presents ROUGE 2100, an all-new immersive exhibition imagined by Cirque Éloize in collaboration with Farah Alibay, aerospace engineer and ROUGE 2100’s scientific muse. Hop aboard the interplanetary shuttle and set off on an odyssey to Mars, where scientific rigour meets a vision of a not-too-distant world. Welcome to a fictional base atop Mount Olympus. Welcome to Mars in 2100! 


Life on Mars 
Today, the planet Mars is at the heart of exciting research and the focus of several space programs. ROUGE 2100 offers a journey in 5 chapters and as many rooms, where we realistically imagine the first steps of a rare humans in 2100 on the fascinating red planet. A fantastic world that also questions the place of humans in our universe and the fragile balance that must be maintained if all species are to prosper. 

Guided by the artificial intelligence Felicity 87, travelers leave Earth for Mars to discover different aspects of life on this planet. How could we live on Mars? How is gravity different from Earth? What are the sources of energy supply and the characteristics of a spacesuit for walking safely on the planet’s surface? 

Farah Alibay – When inspiration fuels ambition  
From an early age, Farah Alibay has been driven by an intense curiosity for discovery and the unknown. As a queer, racialized woman from an immigrant family in Canada, she would never have imagined she could reach the upper echelons of scientific research in aerospace without the achievements of many pioneering women before her.  

ROUGE 2100 presents short biographical videos of six women scientists selected by Farah Alibay from different eras, backgrounds and fields of expertise. They are Margaret Hamilton, Gladys West, Raymonde de Laroche, Rosalind Franklin, Sally Ride and Valentina Tershkova. These women, and dozens of others who have left their mark in variety of specialties, inspired Farah and gave her the courage to pursue her highest ambitions. 

Tickets and access  
The ROUGE 2100 exhibition is included in the price of a ticket for a film or film duo at the Planétarium (see film schedule). After viewing the film(s), the public is invited to proceed to the ROUGE 2100 entrance. The one-way path takes 35-40 minutes to complete and is wheelchair-accessible.  


ROUGE 2100 is a fine example of Montréal innovation and creativity. Cirque Éloize’s talent, expertise and reputation, coupled with Farah Alibay’s international renown, are a sure guarantee of quality. Equity and inclusion—two priorities dear to Ville de Montréal—are also reflected in the ROUGE 2100 project. By showcasing six female explorers and scientists from different backgrounds, ROUGE 2100 encourages women and girls to take an active part in making science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) more accessible


The Planétarium is thrilled to partner with Cirque Éloize. ROUGE 2100 is a flagship project in our 2024 program, in which women and girls continue to occupy Space. Apart from offering a true voyage of discovery of the planet Mars, ROUGE 2100 also asks vital questions about the place of humans in the universe. 


The immersive ROUGE 2100 exhibition is the epitome of the creative spirit of Cirque Éloize, a company that has always favoured the hybridization of various art forms. Over the years, we’ve developed an expertise in the production of multimedia content, using our creative know-how to tell stories in a new way. ROUGE 2100 will be a new chapter in this adventure, and I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to Ville de Montréal, and more specifically its Espace pour la vie service, for their confidence. We are proud and happy to have been contributing to the city’s cultural influence for 30 years now by offering poetic and soul-stirring artistic experiences. 

Every step of the process was captivating. A team of passionate creators and scientists worked hand in hand to weave a story somewhere between fantasy and reality. ROUGE 2100 is the result of the alliance between art and science. This voyage to our Martian base, imagined in the heart of the highest mountain in our solar system, is an invitation for young and old alike to celebrate the enigmatic planet Mars and the fragile beauty of all forms of life.


My work is a true passion, fuelled by a curiosity for discovery. This excursion to Mars from an imaginary base is as much an artistic odyssey as a scientific one. Its goal is to share with you this passion and human curiosity for exploration. I hope this exhibition will touch and inspire you.


ROUGE 2100  

From April 23, 2024 at the Planétarium  

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