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Saint-Laurent's 2022 Financial Report

Published June 7, 2023 - 2:00 pm

Saint-Laurent, June 7, 2023 - In accordance with the Charter of Ville de Montréal, which stipulates that at a regular Council meeting held in June, the Borough mayor must report to residents on the highlights of the financial results, the Saint-Laurent Mayor, Alan DeSousa, tabled his Highlights of Saint-Laurent’s 2022 Financial Report at the Council meeting held on June 6.

In addition to presenting the details of the 2022 budget, including expenditures incurred under the 10-Year Capital Expenditure Program, the Mayor presented a review of the year’s achievements in the various aspects of municipal administration. 

2022 Financial Report overview

Among the 2022 highlights, Mr. DeSousa specifically mentioned:

  • the finalization of work at Maison Robert-Bélanger;
  • the installation of six digital information stations;
  • bylaw amendments permitting the opening of microbreweries and microdistilleries in select zones, and the installation of solar shingles and tiles on sloped roofs;
  • the launch of the first edition of Garden Month in May and the Mon jardin écolo contest;
  • the introduction of organic waste collection at 204 buildings with 9 to 20 housing units, 88 businesses and 12 schools;
  • the launch of new subsidy programs to encourage the use of fuel-free landscaping equipment and eco-friendly household appliances;
  • the reopening of Aréna Raymond-Bourque with many improvements in terms of safety, universal access and energy performance.

What’s more, the Mayor of Saint-Laurent underscored the 54 175 persons served by the Bureau du citoyen, the 497 housing units, most of which are striving for LEED Silver certification, approved by the Advisory Committee on Planning; the 1055 new trees planted; the value of construction permits awarded totalling $362.7 million; and the $5.2 million invested in the repair of roadways, sidewalks and curbs, and the installation of geometric designs by Montréal and Saint-Laurent.

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