2021-2024 Montréal Cultural Development Agreement

The agreement between the city and the Gouvernement du Québec aims to support Montréal’s cultural development and vitality, for the benefit of residents and from a perspective of sustainable development.


The 2021-2024 agreement, which calls for a budget of $159 million, favours the development of cultural initiatives, with contributions by partners from various horizons. 

The agreement aims to:

  • Promote participation and engagement in cultural life.
  • Enhance elements related to identity across the city.
  • Lend renewed dynamism to the relationship between culture, heritage and the urban space.
  • Position culture as a driver of sustainable economic, social and land  development.

Areas of action

Cultural development of the city

The agreement aims to contribute to Montréal’s development and standing by improving the quality of its living environments through the preservation and enhancement of heritage, the heightened presence of public art, architecture and quality design, and distinctive landscapes. It’s also essential to support the development and dissemination of knowledge so as to ensure the discoverability of our heritage, past and present.

Citizen participation and accessibility to culture

The agreement places the resident-as-actor front and centre in its initiatives. It strives to ensure that all residents, irrespective of their differences, can be both cultural spectators and actors and can access culture and participate freely in it. In this regard, the agreement favours the implementation of projects that promote citizen participation and access to culture, with the participation of boroughs, residents, community stakeholders and local partners. The cultural and creative economy constitutes a lever for the development and positioning of the city, and this agreement plays an active part in its growth.

In partnership

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