Acting to support growth

Last updated May 4, 2022

Are you a non-profit that would like to create a project that supports the growth of multiple companies? Montréal is offering financial support to create three projects for organizations that are dealing with development issues.



The program has an annual budget of $630,000 and aims to fund a project in each of the following categories: 

  • Support for growth issues
  • Support for the ecological transition
  • Support for international marketing (with the Cabinet Créatif firm)

Eligibility criteria

Non-profit organizations presenting a project must:

  • Be legally constituted in Canada for at least two years 
  • Manage the essential elements of the project internally 
  • Demonstrate sound financial and governance practices 

To submit a project for more than one component, the organization must complete the specific form for each component.

Proposed projects must:

  • Be carried out within the limits of the Montréal agglomeration
  • Target Montréal companies
  • Be organized in groups that combine training, workshops, co-development and personalized support
  • Meet the objectives of each component

Project unveiling and delivery

Unveiling projects: Summer 2022

Recruiting participating companies: Fall 2022

Starting up groups: January 2023


Selected projects could receive annual financial support up to :

  • $270,000 for the growth issues project (support for 30 companies)
  • $180,000 for the ecological transition project (support for 20 companies)
  • $180,000 for the Cabinet Créatif project (support for 20 companies)

Funding is delivered over a three-year period beginning with the signing of the financial contribution agreement. Details concerning project funding are available in the Project Submission Guide.

Eligible expenses

  • Purchasing or renting rolling stock or supplies 
  • Expenses related to project promotion and delivery
  • Travel expenses
  • Training expenses
  • Management fees for administrative project monitoring
  • Event-based fees
  • Technological fees that are directly related to the project
  • Professional fees required for project delivery
  • Space rentals or rental improvements related to the project 
  • Salaries

Non-eligible expenses

  • Expenses that are not directly related to the project
  • Expenses incurred before the agreement is signed by both parties
  • Basic compensation for the organization’s staff 
  • Expenses related to the organization’s capital assets 
  • The organization’s usual operating expenditures 
  • The organization’s operating expenses
  • Salaries paid to project beneficiaries
  • Expenses that are not necessary or justifiable to carry out the project 
  • Studies and diagnostics
  • Acquiring land and buildings
  • Expenses that have already been reimbursed by another government program


You have until 9 a.m. June 27, 2022 to submit a project.

Submit a project

Download the following forms:

1- Project submission forms:

2 - Provisional budget form (in French)

3 - Submit the following documents concerning the organization: 

  • A resolution from the board of directors authorizing the submission of the application and authorizing a representative who is responsible for signing all documents related to the application 
  • The organization’s general by-laws
  • The organization’s letters patent
  • Financial statements for the past two years