Consolidating the entrepreneurial life cycle in the ecological transition

Montréal offers financial assistance to NPOs (non-profit organizations) that wish to support future companies, start-ups, SMEs and large corporations in the implementation of projects related to the ecological transition. Services include business start-up, support and technology transfer.



This program has an annual budget of $1,000,000, and aims to fund projects in each of the following categories:

  • Awareness: Development of knowledge and skills to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to make the leap into business, notably by launching innovation challenges and facilitating business communities that integrate an ecological transition approach
  • Start-ups: Support for young Montréal companies oriented toward the ecological transition, from validation of the idea to commercialization
  • SMEs and large companies: Transfer of environmental solutions, clean technologies or circular economy practices to companies from various sectors


To support the creation and growth of businesses in ecological transition and the transfer and implementation of innovative solutions, the program aims to:

  • Foster the start-up and growth of companies that contribute to the success of ecological transition and the acceleration of the circular economy
  • Ease the transition to action for future entrepreneurs interested in ecological transition
  • Rally a community of entrepreneurs around the challenges of ecological transition
  • Favour the transfer of ecological transition solutions and their implementation in companies from various sectors
  • Promote the acquisition and sharing of knowledge (research, experimentation, and best practices to accelerate the transition)

Eligibility criteria

Non-profit organizations presenting a project must:

  • Be legally incorporated in Canada
  • Have an active business establishment in Montréal’s 19 boroughs or neighbouring municipalities
  • Have a mission related to helping entrepreneurs or the ecological transition
  • Demonstrate sound financial and governance practices

Submitted projects must:

  • Meet at least one of the objectives of the call and fall into one of the three categories
  • Be carried out on the territory of the Montréal agglomeration
  • Target mainly Montrealers
  • Be implemented by the applicant organization, which carries out most of the various stages of the project in-house. This includes recruiting participating companies, promoting and managing the project, and ensuring accountability


Announcement of projects selected: October  2022
Project completion: No later than October 2024


The financial contribution to the project is based on:

  • Financial availability for the category selected
  • Financial structure
  • Expenditure categories
  • Sources of income, including private sector and own-source income

The city’s financial assistance shall not exceed 80 per cent of the total project funding. At least 20 per cent of the cost must be assumed by the applicant (contributions of goods and services are permitted), or by other contributions (private or public). Any funding provided by individual city departments, boroughs and related cities is considered public funding. 

Funding is delivered over a two-year period beginning with the signing of the financial contribution agreement. Details on project funding are available in the project submission guide (in French).

Eligible expenses

  • Purchase or rental of equipment or supplies
  • Expenses related to project communication and promotion
  • Management fees (administrative monitoring of the project) - maximum 10 per cent of the project cost
  • Project planning costs
  • Technology costs directly related to the project
  • Professional fees required for project delivery
  • Space rentals related to the project
  • Salaries

Ineligible expenses

  • Expenses already reimbursed by another government program
  • Capital expenditures and depreciation
  • Expenses incurred before the agreement is signed by both parties
  • Expenses that cannot be justified or that are not directly related to the project
  • Travel expenses (apart from exceptional cases)
  • The organization’s operating expenses
  • Debt service and future loan repayments
  • Direct financial support to businesses

Submit a project

You have until August 15, 2022 to submit a project.

Download the following form:

Attach the following documents related to the organization:

  • A resolution from the Board of Directors authorizing the submission of the application and authorizing a representative who is responsible for signing all documents related to the application
  • Letters patent
  • Financial statements for the past two years
  • List of the members of the board of directors
  • Any other relevant document

Contact us

Do you have any questions? Fill outthis form (in French).

See the program presentation guide for complete details.