LGBTQ2+ communities

Last updated May 17, 2022

As part of its commitment to LGBTQ2+ communities, Montréal is taking action to become a more inclusive city and combat prejudice and discrimination.

The city has announced its first set of commitments to address the needs of LGBTQ2+ communities.

Tangible and inclusive actions

Identifying the difficulties LGBTQ2+ communities face

In 2019, LGBTQ2+ communities and partner organizations were consulted to better understand the challenges and barriers LGBTQ2+ communities face in accessing city services.

Educating and training city employees

Montréal has developed awareness tools to help its employees learn more about the realities of LGBTQ2+ communities and to prevent all forms of discrimination. Specifically, the city has pledged to:

  • Train 200 city employees, including police officers, on sexual and gender diversity issues each year
  • Produce a lexicon to help employees understand the different realities of LGBTQ2+ people, along with a guide to support employees in transition.

Other inclusion measures will be put in place gradually.

Fostering community initiatives 

Montréal assists the most vulnerable LGBTQ2+ people at risk of social exclusion by:

  • Supporting Interligne, a specialized front-line centre
  • Funding the Montréal Pride festival
  • Ensuring that LGBTQ2+ organizations can access community space

Collaboration to fight against prejudice and discrimination

To combat homophobia and transphobia, the city consults community partners whose expertise can help it develop best practices. 

Montréal is participating in the international network of Rainbow Cities to promote the inclusion of LGBTQ2+ people. This partnership will help us launch common initiatives and enrich our practices through meetings and discussions with other cities.

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