Persons without legal status or awaiting legal status

Last updated July 27, 2021

The Access to city services without fear policy is geared to persons without legal status or awaiting legal status. This policy allows them to receive various services free of charge and in a confidential manner, without having to worry about being reported to the authorities.

A card that proves identity and residence 

Montréal and Doctors of the World have partnered to issue a proof of identity and of residence card that allows people, whatever their immigration status, and undocumented immigrants to get access to municipal services without fear of being reported to the authorities. This card can be used at libraries, sports facilities and day camps. People can sign up at different service points around the city.

The policy applies to city services only, except for the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).

Primary health care

The Médecins du Monde clinic offers nursing care with no appointment, along with psychosocial support services.

Legal aid to regularize a situation

Montréal City Mission (MCM), through its Just Solutions Legal Clinic, provides legal information, assistance and support to persons without legal status or awaiting legal status, specifically in the area of refugee rights and humanitarian immigration.

In case of abuse

Immigrants who experience abuse by an employer or landlord, or who are the victim of a crime, can receive confidential and free assistance service if they wish to report a problem or file a complaint.

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