Temporary shelters

Last updated November 23, 2020

Want to build a temporary car or pedestrian shelter? Certain standards apply to the installation of these winter shelters. Find out everything you need to know.

Temporary shelters can be installed without a permit. However, it’s important to comply with the applicable standards in your borough.
Some boroughs allow residents to install pedestrian shelters, in addition to temporary car shelters.

Contact your borough for further information before you purchase a temporary shelter.

Temporary car shelter


Distance to observe

Boroughs set out standards pertaining to the minimum distance from sidewalks or fire hydrants. If your property is located on a street corner, please contact your permit counter.

Dates permitted

The installation of a shelter is permitted during specific periods determined by each borough.

Applicable criteria


  • The covering materials used must be flexible and transparent. The colours permitted vary from one borough to the next.
  • The structure must be metallic and removable.


The shelter must have a window on each side. It must also be located a certain distance from the shelter’s access opening.

Height and width

The maximum height and width of the shelter are set under each borough’s urban planning by-law.


This type of shelter can only be used to park a car. It cannot be heated, nor can it be  used for storage.


Water and snowfrom the shelter must not spill over onto an adjacent property. Provide a safety buffer and view the Civil Code of Québec, if required.


Outside of these periods, all parts, notably the cover, the metallic structure and the  anchoring accessories, must be completely dismantled. They must not be stored against the building facade.

Historical sites

The Cultural Property Act prohibits the installation of temporary car shelters in historical areas.

Temporary pedestrian shelters

This type of shelter is subject to the same regulations as temporary car shelters.

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