Universal access to libraries

Last updated April 1, 2021

The library offers a welcoming space where people with limited mobility or people with a functional disability can benefit from adapted facilities, collections and equipment.

Universal access can take several forms.

  • Adapted facilities to facilitate physical access
  • Adapted equipment and tools, for example:
    • wheelchairs
    • pedal desk for people with attention deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD)
    • digital magnifying glass and screen magnification software
    • reading glasses loaned in certain libraries
  • Adapted collections, for example:
    • books and society games in braille or large print 
    • talking books and digital audio books
    • films in DVD and Blu-ray with audio-descriptions for people with a visual impairment
    • films on DVD and Blu-ray with subtitles for people with a hearing impairment
  • Home mailing service that lets people with a disability or people ages 65 and older access the collection without going in person to the library.

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