Boulevard Laurentien and Rue Lachapelle: Redesign project

Last updated September 14, 2021
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The project to redesign Boulevard Laurentien and Rue Lachapelle in Saint-Laurent and Ahuntsic-Cartierville is a major one. Once all work is complete, these two thoroughfares will offer a green, accessible and user-friendly environment

For nearly four years, the city has been at work on a complete redesign of the Boulevard Laurentien/Rue Lachapelle area to make streets safer and more user-friendly for everyone, including seniors, pedestrians and cyclists. 

Phase 3 of the project began in July 2021

Things to know about the project


Until fall 2023.


Rue Lachapelle and Rue Périnault


Here’s an overview of the work planned for phase 3:

  • Rebuilding drinking water and sewer mains. 
  • Installing traffic lights and burying electrical wires. 
  • Putting in new street lights.
  • Moving the natural gas conduit (Énergir).
  • Rebuilding underground electrical conduits (CSEM).
  • Rebuilding the street, widening sidewalks and installing granite borders.  
  • Planting new trees.


Ground covering research project:

The area’s makeover includes a research project on new practices in ecological soil management and plant biodiversity. Some 60 plant species were planted and are being studied.


Through this redesign project, Boulevard Laurentien and Rue Lachapelle will each be transformed into safe and enjoyable one-way thoroughfares. 

The following features will be added: 

  • Intersections that are easier to navigate, curb extensions at traffic lights, pedestrian lights and street lighting. 
  • An emblematic city entry point worthy of a 21st century city with architectural lighting and mature trees on each side of the bridge. 
  • Improvements for active and public transportation, with widened sidewalks, reserved bus lanes and new bike paths. 
  • Safe, comfortable and accessible pedestrian paths for seniors.

3D perspective of the final project

Construction progress and impacts on daily life

The city is launching solutions to reduce the impacts of construction on your daily life.

See our article to learn more about the progress of the project and the most recent communications to area residents.