The CDN-NDG 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Last updated June 17, 2022
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The borough is adopting a strategic plan that will have a direct impact on the quality of life of its population. We want to hear from you!

The Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce 2022-2025 Strategic Plan is an exercise in reflection, management and long-term planning that will have a direct effect on residents’ quality of life. The plan is also based on the issues defined in the Montréal 2030 strategic plan.

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The borough’s plan contains four themes:

 1. More equitable and inclusive living environments (day-to-day living)

Objective: In all borough neighbourhoods, residents benefit from a living environment that allows them to meet their needs and participate in the vitality of their community.

2. Healthy and sustainable living environments (environment and active transportation)

Objective: In all borough neighbourhoods, the environment is protected, nature is more present and the habits of residents contribute to these efforts.

3. Economic vitality (commerce and economic development)

Objective: In all borough neighbourhoods, the offer of local services and shops meets the needs of the population and the commercial streets are lively.

4. Environments conducive to public participation (public participation)

Objective: In all borough neighbourhoods, the population and organizations take part in decision-making and can play an important role in the development of their community.

These four themes are broken down into 16 results, which are targets for improving the borough’s living environments by 2025.

Theme 1: Day-to-day living

Planned results

1.1 Being able to eat fresh, locally-produced food, that is not too expensive, close to home

1.2 Being able to find good accommodations: big enough, not too expensive and in good condition

1.3 Being able to easily do sports and recreational and cultural activities of interest, close to home, that are not too expensive, with schedules adapted to everyone’s situation

1.4 Coexisting with other communities, feeling at home surrounded by neighbours

Theme 2: Environment and active transportation

Planned results

2.1 Living in a healthy neighbourhood with lots of vegetation and less asphalt (more permeable surfaces)

2.2 Getting around easily by bus/metro/bicycle/on foot

2.3 Easily managing one’s waste bins and sorting one’s waste easily

2.4 The borough reducing its ecological footprint in carrying out its operations

Theme 3: Commerce and economic development

Planned results

3.1 Corporate citizens being more satisfied with the borough’s support and guidance services for economic vitality

3.2 Having a lively, safe and accessible shopping street with a variety of businesses appropriate for one’s income

3.3 Having access to businesses and services that meet one’s needs, close to home

3.4 Local participants in the economy benefitting more from partnerships with the local major institutions

Theme 4: Public participation

Planned results

4.1 Being able to easily find all useful information

4.2 Participating in the development of one’s neighbourhood

4.3 Participating in the political life of one’s neighbourhood

4.4 Participating in initiatives in one’s neighbourhood

The strategic plan is currently undergoing validation by the population and stakeholders in the borough. For more details on the dates of the public consultations and to register, visit Making MTL.