Commercial activity in Lachine

Last updated March 9, 2023
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The Borough of Lachine boasts an ideal, strategic location for businesses and shops of all kinds.

Located in the southwestern part of the island of Montréal, Lachine covers an area of 17.8 km², nearly half of which is devoted to industrial activities. In all, more than 44,489 residents live here. There are 12,000 small and large companies, including hundreds of foreign subsidiaries. These are among the largest employers in the Borough. For example, Rolls Royce and UPS have approximately 1,000 employees.

Lachine's advantages

The Borough of Lachine is strategically located. Situated in the southwestern part of the island of Montréal, Lachine’s northern limits lie along chemin Côte-de-Liesse and Autoroute 20 and its southern limits along the Lachine Canal and Lake Saint-Louis, while its eastern limits run along Montréal-Ouest and its western ones, along Dorval. 

Lachine is also served by Autoroute 20 in the east-west direction and Autoroute 13 north-south. Autoroute 15 is nearby, as is Montréal’s Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport, making it a borough that is accessible by various means of transportation.

Commercial sectors

Lachine’s commercial function is an integral part of the Borough. In fact, it occupies 1.59 km of Lachine’s territory, or 13% of the Borough’s total area. This sector is divided into four commercial hubs around which some one hundred businesses are concentrated: 

  • 32e Avenue / Rue Remembrance / Victoria / 28e avenue 

This hub includes some forty shops, including the Galeries Lachine shopping centre. 

  • Rue Notre-Dame 

Located in historic downtown Lachine, rue Notre-Dame is home to approximately 130 businesses, including restaurants, bistros and specialized companies. It is the largest hub in the Borough. A number of commercial establishments on rue Notre-Dame are members of the Association centre-ville Lachine (ACVL). 

  • Rue Provost

Rue Provost features some sixty businesses.   

  • Boulevard Saint-Joseph 

Located in the heritage district on the shores of Lake Saint-Louis, boulevard Saint-Joseph is home to some 20 businesses, including a number of restaurants with terrasses. Saint-Joseph is also in the heart of Lachine’s cultural district.

Industrial sectors

Lands devoted to industrial activities occupy 11.31 km, or 50% of the Borough’s total area. These lands are divided into three zones:

 The East industrial zone 

Located south of Autoroute 20, at the eastern end of the Borough, this area is approximately 1.85 km in size.  

The industrial zone – rue Norman 

This area is located north of Autoroute 20, between the Saint-Pierre sector and the Taschereau rail yard.

The North industrial zone

Located north of Autoroute 20, this industrial zone is very accessible. In fact, it is close to the Montréal-Trudeau airport and major highways. With a surface area of 5 km, it is also home to the largest industrial concentration in Lachine.

Recreation and tourism sector

One of the advantages of the Borough of Lachine is its magnificent waterfront enhanced with sculptures. Both Lachine residents and visitors alike enjoy strolling along the canal to see the beauty of its landscape in all seasons. 

Lachine’s waterfront parks and heritage also contribute to the wealth of facilities in the Borough’s recreation and tourism sector, as do the Musée de Lachine, the Maison du Brasseur, the Saints-Anges Gardiens church and the Fur Trade National Historic Site.

This recreation and tourism hub provides residents and visitors alike with an outstanding opportunity to experience nature, culture and history in the heart of Lachine.