Cookouts in the park: Good habits to develop

Last updated June 20, 2024
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Would you like to enjoy the sunny weather with a cookout? You can have a cookout in many parks in Montréal, For a safe picnic, make sure you follow these rules.

Parks are popular places for cookouts. Here are some good habits you should develop for a safe and happy picnic.

Before you go:

  • Check to be sure that you are allowed to bring your grill to the park.
  • Check the rules for your park, as they vary by borough. For example, some sites allow charcoal grills and others do not allow gas grills. 

What to bring

  • If allowed, your own grill.
  • A cart or bags to bring your dishes and utensils along. Parking spaces may not be close to the picnic area.
  • Your own charcoal, if the park has public grills.

On site

Where to set up

  • In spaces where signs indicate grilling is allowed. 
  • In a picnic area with ash cans, if your grill uses charcoal. 

During your cookout

  • Place your grill on the ground, not on the picnic table.
  • Use plastic cups, plates and dishes.
  • Do not hang toys, tarps, hammocks or anything else on park property (trees, benches, lamp posts, etc.) 

Alcohol is permitted in picnic areas if a meal is being eaten. 

Before you leave

Out of respect for other park users and the proper use of facilities:

  • Pick up your trash.
  • Clean up the space you used. 
  • Put ashes in designated ash cans if you used a charcoal grill. Do not put them on the ground or in a trash can. 
  • Take your gas or propane cans home with you. You can dispose of them at the next collecte des résidus domestiques dangereux.

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