Cycling on reserved bus and taxi lanes

Last updated August 18, 2021
Reading time: 1 min

Reserved lanes, which feature a diamond-shaped symbol, are for buses and taxis. Their purpose is to reduce traffic. However, bikes are allowed on some of them.

Reserved lanes on which bikes are allowed were chosen according to a number of criteria, including: 

  • A width of at least 3.5 metres
  • No more than 20 buses per hour 

These shared lanes are easy to see, as they are marked with signs that feature a bike pictogram. 

Reserved lanes are not bike lanes. In order to share the road safely, use caution and always obey the Highway Safety Code. Violations of the Highway Safety Code are punishable by fine.

Are you travelling by bike?

  • Always ride to the right of the road.
  • Stay behind vehicles, even when they stop to pick up passengers. Buses have blind spots in the front, the back and to each side. It is impossible for the driver to see everything all at once. Keep your distance from the bus in order to remain visible at all times.