Digital Data Charter in the service of the community

Last updated June 17, 2022
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The city has adopted a Digital Data Charter in order to ensure the ethical and responsible collection, management  use of data in the urban space.

This charter describes how the city oversees the use of digital data so as to encourage progress and prevent the risks associated with malicious practices. It aims to make the management of the city’s digital data more transparent, responsible and effective.

The Digital Data Charter is based on 13 principles embodied in three commitments:

Protecting human rights in the digital era

  • Right to privacy ━ Preserving privacy and preventing surveillance
  • Inclusion ━ Ensuring equity and fighting discrimination
  • Cybersecurity ━ Protecting personal data
  • Consent ━ Ensuring full citizen control over their digital footprint
  • Digital sobriety ━ Striving for a reasoned and reasonable use of data

Promoting the general interest and the common good

  • Common good ━ Collecting data on behalf of the community
  • Digital sovereignty ━ Sharing data of general interest across the city
  • Data interoperability and portability ━ Promoting data exchange and use and technical agnosticism
  • Transparency ━ Forging a bond of trust

Building a brighter future through data

  • Universal access ━ Bridging the digital divide
  • Public participation ━ Involving the community and facilitating the creation of social values
  • Framed experiment ━ Daring to push back the limits of innovation
  • Ecological transition ━ Controlling our environmental footprint
  • These principles were carefully considered so as to ensure respect for individuals and the community.