Montréal's digital data charter: Serving the community

Last updated May 17, 2024
Reading time: 1 min

Montréal’s digital data charter provides a framework for the ethical and responsible collection, management and use of data in urban spaces.

This charter describes the commitments made by the city to ensure that digital data is used to encourage progress, while preventing the risk of malicious practices. It aims to make the city’s digital data management more transparent, accountable and efficient.  

The digital data charter has 13 principles organized under 3 themes: 

Protecting human rights in the digital era

  • Right to privacy ━ Preserving privacy and preventing surveillance 
  • Inclusion ━ Ensuring equity and combating discrimination  
  • Cybersecurity ━ Protecting personal information   
  • Consent ━ Promoting residents’ control over their digital footprint  
  • Digital sobriety ━ Making reasoned and reasonable use of data 

Promoting the general interest and the common good


  • Common good ━ Governing your data on behalf of the community  
  • Digital sovereignty ━ Encouraging the sharing of data of general interest  
  • Data interoperability ━ Encouraging exchange, use and technological neutrality 
  • Transparency ━ Building trust 

Building a brighter future through data

  • Ecological transition ━ Limit environmental impacts and use data to serve the ecological transition.  
  • Universal access ━ Reduce the digital divide and promote equitable access to data  
  • Public participation ━ Open dialogue and involve the community  
  • ​​​​​​​Innovation ━ Use data to imagine together