Drinking Water Quality and Consumption: Annual Reports

Last updated January 17, 2023
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Consult various reports on the testing, quality and consumption of drinking water.

Annual reports

Drinking water quality

The city conducts an annual assessment of water quality across its supply networks. In addition, it issues a complete report on the tests that are carried out. The assessments and reports are made available at the end of March.

In 2022, some 16,186 bacteriological samples and 8,800 physicochemical samples were collected from the city’s drinking water treatment plants and across the water supply networks. These samples were then analyzed by the city’s Service de l’environnement and its technical expertise lab.  

The assessments summarize all the drinking water tests that were conducted during the course of the year.

2022 highlights

  • The results of the physicochemical tests show that lead and turbidity (murky water) are the only two parameters that exceeded standards and maximum acceptable concentrations.
  • The city established an action plan to eliminate lead from water inlets within its limits. Residents who agreed to participate in the regulatory testing campaign received a letter specifying the result for measured lead content. Occupants and owners of buildings with a lead concentration higher than 0.002 mg/L were informed about the measures to enact to reduce their exposure to lead, such as the use of a filtration device.

Drinking water usage

The City produces an annual water usage summary to report on the requirements of Québec’s strategy for drinking water conservation (the Stratégie québécoise d’économie d’eau potable or SQEEP). This provincial strategy aims to ensure sustainable management of municipal resources and assets. Such an approach is necessary to ensure the sustainability of water services to the population and for future generations.

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Drinking water quality reports

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