Expansion and renovation of the Bibliothèque Saint-Charles

Last updated November 14, 2023
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The Bibliothèque Saint-Charles, located in the Sud-Ouest, will be renovated and expanded beginning in 2025.

Project description

The new library will be revamped to include: 

  • An indoor and outdoor agora for gatherings and public speaking
  • An idealab to express ideas in the form of workshops
  • A collection of practical everyday objects to borrow for free (small kitchen appliances, camping equipment, etc.), to reduce consumption and promote the circular economy
  • A medialab for training in media, sound and visual technologies
  • A café
  • A large multi-purpose room 
  • A section for families with an activity room and areas for toddlers
  • A section for adults including work areas, a quiet lounge and group rooms

In addition, the spaces will be accessible to people with functional limitations. 

Once the renovations have been done, the Bibliothèque Saint-Charles will be renamed Éva-Circé-Côté (in French only), in honour of the city’s very first librarian. 

Architectural competition

The finalists

A two-stage architectural competition is currently underway to procure a design, plans and specifications for the future library. 

The four finalists chosen at the conclusion of Stage 1 of the competition are:

Affleck de la Riva architectes with ARUP Canada
Atelier Big City + Cimaise with  St-Georges Structures et Civil / Ambioner
In situ + DMA with Les Services EXP
Lapointe Magne & Associés + L’OEUF Architectes with VINCI Consultants / L2C Experts / Dupras Ledoux

Further details are available on the Bureau de design website.

Public hearings

At the end of the second stage, the four teams are invited to present their sketches at an audition before a jury and the public. This is an important stage, giving residents special access to an event that is usually held behind closed doors.

The city is committed to making its architectural competitions more accessible to ensure greater transparency. All residents are invited to attend the public hearings of the architectural competition on December 7 in Le Sud-Ouest.

Find out more about the architectural competition (in French).

Financial partner

The Bibliothèque Éva-Circé-Côté project is funded under the 2021-2024 Montréal cultural development agreement concluded between the city and the government of Québec.

Les finalistes

Les équipes finalistes choisies au terme de l’étape 1 sont :

Auditions publiques

Au terme de la deuxième étape, les 4 équipes on été invitées à présenter leur esquisse lors d’une audition devant jury et public. C’est en effet une étape importante qui donne un accès privilégié aux citoyens et citoyennes à un événement qui se tient habituellement à huis clos. 

La Ville a la volonté de rendre plus accessible ses concours d’architecture afin d’en assurer une plus grande transparence. La population a été invitée à participer aux auditions publiques du concours d’architecture, tenues le 7 décembre 2023 dans l’arrondissement du Sud-Ouest.

Apprenez-en plus sur le processus d’un concours d’architecture.


Partenaire financier 

Le projet de la bibliothèque Éva-Circé-Côté est financé dans le cadre de l’Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal 2021-2024 conclue entre la Ville de Montréal et le gouvernement du Québec.