Express Bike Network: Rue Saint-Antoine and Rue Saint-Jacques in Le Sud-Ouest

Last updated September 25, 2023
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The Express Bike Network or EBN in Le Sud-Ouest will be extended between Rue De Courcelle and Rue Guy.

The new bike paths have been designed to be protected and unidirectional over a 5.3 km distance so that cyclists of all levels can enjoy safe, comfortable and accessible travel.

All about the project


  • Beginning of construction: Fall 2022 
  • End of construction: 2023


Between Rue Saint-Antoine and Rue Saint-Jacques, between Rue De Courcelle and Rue Guy. 


  • Unidirectional bike paths in the same direction of traffic as cars (westbound for Rue Saint-Antoine and eastbound for Rue Saint-Jacques) 
  • Wide enough to allow for travel
  • Improving road surfaces where necessary 
  • Planting trees and plants at several intersections

Traffic and parking after construction

  • Traffic: Two lanes of traffic will be maintained throughout the project
  • Parking: Along most of the route, parking will be maintained on one side of the street 


With the EBN, safe bike travel will be promoted thanks to:

  • Physical protection using concrete barriers at intersections 
  • Adding bike boxes at intersections where there are turns virages aux intersections
  • Creating a buffer zone between the parking lane and the bike path 
  • Adjusting the pre-programmed traffic lights

The EBN will serve part of the borough from east to west. Cyclists will have access to: 

  • A number of parks, schools, daycare centres and early childhood education centres
  • The Lionel-Groulx and Place Saint-Henri metro stations
  • Arts and recreational institutions like the Centre Saint-Henri, the Galerie Bradley Ertaskiran or the Musée des ondes Emile-Berliner

Once it is complete, portion 2 of the EBN will be connected to downtown.

Last year’s developments will be improved in certain places.

Coordination with other construction sites

The project will be coordinated with other projects in the area in order to minimize impacts. 

A stretch of Rue Saint-Antoine between Rue Atwater and Rue Rose-de-Lima will be completely redeveloped after a drinking water rebuild that is currently underway has been finished.

Information Session

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