Feminine hygiene ‌products‌ offered at no charge in several municipal buildings

Last updated February 12, 2024
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To facilitate access to feminine hygiene products for Montréal women and any menstruating person who might require them, more than 40 public spaces now have vending machines that offer them free of charge.

Tampons and sanitary napkins are available in many public washrooms in the following  locations:

Municipal buildings

  • Cultural, community and sports centres, arenas, libraries and maison de la culture arts centres
  • Espace pour la vie and MEM
  • Operational centres (east, west, north, south), SPVM local police stations (7, 16, 42, 49), and the municipal court
  • Shell SPVM building

Other public spaces 

  • Marché Bonsecours
  • Cité des hospitalières
  • Centre accès-cible jeunesse Rosemont
  • Centre communautaire Abe-Limonchik
  • Centre interculturel Strathearn
  • Centre Saint-Eusèbe 
  • Centre Monkland 
  • Centre communautaire de Mercier Est
  • Gymnase Pavillon Lafontaine
  • Technoparc No. 1
  • Technoparc No. 2

This program was implemented following the success of the pilot project that saw these products offered at the Botanical Garden, the Centre Jean-Claude Malépart, city hall and the Bibliothèque d’Ahuntsic.