Gender equality

Last updated July 31, 2023

Equality between women and men is a fundamental value in Montréal. This value is protected in the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. The city has taken several actions to fulfil its commitments to gender equality.

Measurement tools and commitments

GBA+: Analyzing and taking action against discrimination

Montréal uses intersectional gender-based analysis (GBA+) to understand the realities and discrimination experienced by the population. This information allows the city to take action to ensure equality between men and women and among women. 

This tool lets the city predict how the adoption of a policy, program or service will affect women and men, and helps it prevent negative effects. It also takes into account other forms of discrimination based on social class, disability, age, skin colour, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, etc.

This approach is gradually being used in the city’s projects and initiatives to better respond to the Montrealers’ diverse realities and needs.

Awareness and prevention of violence against wome

The city supports initiatives to improve awareness and prevention of violence against women. Recent commitments include:

  • Declaring Montréal to be one of the municipalities allied against domestic violence, in support of the Regroupement des maisons pour femmes victimes de violence conjugale.
  • Unanimously adopting a declaration to prevent sexual violence in public spaces and joining the UN Women’s Safe Cities, Safe Public Spaces network. 
  • Developing knowledge of the problem of street harassment on public transit and in public spaces in Montréal.

Representation of women

To make more room for women, Montréal has introduced two initiatives.

Cité Elles MTL

Training that involves a simulation of the city council, aimed at women interested in municipal politics. Alongside elected officials or experts in city affairs, women can participate in a simulated city council meeting and speak as a city councillor, party leader or opposition leader.


A bank of names highlighting women’s contribution to Montréal’s history. The public is invited to recommend women or women’s social groups for whom places can be named after, adding diversity to our city.

Female expert consultants

The city consults female partners and collaborators who are experts in the issues faced by women in Montréal.

Conseil des Montréalaises

Created in 2004, the Conseil des Montréalaises is a 15-member council of volunteers that reflects the diversity of women in Montréal. The council advises the city on all matters related to gender equality and the status of women. Its goal is to improve the living conditions of female Montréalers.

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