Five good reasons to buy locally

Last updated November 22, 2021
Reading time: 2 min

Buying locally helps stimulate the economy and encourages Montréal business owners. But that’s not all! There are lots of practical reasons to shop on the island of Montréal. Here are five good reasons to buy locally.

Save time

Shopping near your home or your workplace lets you save travel time. Some merchants offer bike delivery service, even in winter! Cycling is not only more efficient than traditional delivery, it is also a more eco-friendly transportation mode.


Neighbourhood merchants are passionate entrepreneurs who know their products well. From the local hardware store to a fashion designer’s studio, you can meet experts in their field who will gladly share their knowledge of sourcing, producing and processing products. They can give their customers useful advice and adapt to their needs.

The personal touch

By visiting the businesses in your neighbourhood, you can build relationships with the owners and employees. Merchants can offer their regular customers more personalized service, and the bonds of trust and loyalty that customers build can benefit local businesses during tougher times.

The environment

Neighbourhood businesses often source from local producers and artisans. This means that the food or items offered travel a shorter distance to reach the consumer. In addition, shopping at the local grocery store or buying a basket of organic vegetables gives you access to fresh produce daily while fighting climate change. The products often require less packaging, which reduces the environmental impact.

Fostering the vitality of our neighbourhoods

Buying locally means encouraging a whole business chain, from the producer to the merchant to the distributor, who hire local workers and whose taxes finance public services. Each dollar invested returns to residents directly or indirectly. It also helps small businesses benefit from the current economic recovery.

Don’t forget that you can always encourage your favourite local businesses without spending a dime: Follow and Like them on social media, post a glowing review on search engines, or subscribe to their newsletter. It makes a big difference!