How to make your business accessible, and why you should

Last updated March 5, 2024
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Would you like to make your business more accessible and profitable? Resources are available to help you understand the needs of people with reduced mobility and adapt your building to be free of obstacles.

Why you should make your business accessible 

When you design your business to meet universal accessibility standards, you can be sure that the people who use it will be able to get around easily without asking for help. This builds loyalty and makes your business more profitable.  

In Quebec, 1 in 6 people live with a disability such as pain, lack of flexibility or mobility issues.  

Among people aged 65 and over, 1 in 3 is disabled. What’s more, this elderly clientele is growing and is expected to represent 35% of the population by 2030.  

What’s more, anyone can find themselves in a situation where they are unable to use a stroller, carry a suitcase or get around on crutches.

How to offer an obstacle-free path 

As a retailer, ask yourself if your business is easily accessible to all your customers, regardless of ability.  

Simple questions can help you answer this question. For example:   

  • Are there reserved parking spaces for people with reduced mobility?   

  • Is the entrance level and unobstructed?   

  • Do doors open automatically?  

  • Is the checkout counter at the right height for a wheelchair user?

Guide for accessible and profitable businesses 

The city has created a French-language guide to help you understand the importance of universal accessibility for your clients and to easily identify and find solutions to obstacles.

Assistance program for accessible businesses 

Want to improve the accessibility of your building? We offer commercial building owners and tenants a subsidy of up to $15,000. This subsidy can cover up to 90% of renovation work and professional fees.