How to organize a cleanup

Last updated October 27, 2023
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Would you like to help make your neighbourhood cleaner? Organize a cleanup and invite your family, neighbours and friends!

Cleanups usually take place in the spring and fall.

Organize a cleanup in just a few steps

  1. Set a date and form a group with family members, neighbours and friends.
  2. Reserve and pick up your equipment from your local éco-quartier.
  3. Hold your cleanup.
  4. Please contact the éco-quartier to find out where and when to dispose of your bags.
  5. Return the equipment you borrowed to the éco-quartier.

Available equipment

Contact your éco-quartier at least five days in advance to borrow equipment including rakes, brooms, trash pickers and dust pans. We’ll also give you gloves and trash or recycling bags. 

You’ll need to pick up items from the éco-quartier yourself and bring them back when the cleanup is over.

Sorting waste

It is important to sort the trash you pick up and put it in the right bag. Bags must be light enough to pick up with one hand.

  • Trash bags: Waste and soiled items
  • Compost bag: Dead leaves and green waste
  • Recycling bag: Clean paper, glass, plastic and metal

Please contact the éco-quartier to find out where and when to dispose of your bags. Make sure they are not in pedestrians’ way. 

Put natural materials like earth and rocks in their own rigid container. Branches should be bundled but not tied up. Call 311 to have them picked up.

Holding a safe cleanup

Make sure the members of your group follow these rules: 

  • Wear gloves, closed shoes and clothing that is adapted to the weather.
  • Pick up trash with a shovel and use a rake or trash grabber any place where you can’t see your hand, such as under a bush.
  • Leave heavy objects on the ground.
  • Keep your distance from vehicles.
  • Do not touch syringes. Your organizer should call 311 so that a special team can pick them up. 
  • Have a first-aid kit.

List of éco-quartiers

If you live in one of the following boroughs with no éco-quartier, contact one of the organizations below:

Read the information about organizing a cleanup and reserve your material by filling out this form.

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