Low water pressure: What you need to know

Last updated July 27, 2021
Reading time: 1 min

Have you noticed low water pressure from your faucet? No need to worry. Most of the time, the problem is temporary.

The water pressure from your faucet may drop for several reasons, including work being done on the supply system. In most cases, the situation will not last long. Simply wait until the pressure returns to normal.

What causes low water pressure?

The water pressure from your faucet may decrease when work is being done on the waterworks system, or due to the events below:

  • Repair or maintenance work
  • Work on valves or hydrants
  • Broken pipe

It can also be caused by a leak in your home’s water supply or by a problem with the building’s internal plumbing.

Work and incidents affecting the water supply system

To find out if there is any work in progress or if there has been an incident affecting the water supply system in your area:

Receive an alert when pressure drops

To receive a text or email alert of water system work or an incident, subscribe to the Notices and Alerts system. Select “Water and water mains” as your topic.

Water pressure and colour

Is your tap water yellowish, brownish or reddish (rusty)? See this article (in French)  before you drink it or use any appliance that runs on water.

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