Metropolitan economic development: Vision and strategic principles for 2025

Last updated August 25, 2023
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Discover the vision and strategic principles that will guide Montréal’s economic development actions through 2025, and learn how the city intends to implement them.

Four strategic principles

Montréal is a leader with an innovative, responsible economy that places people, the ecological transition, and social inclusion foremost in its development planning.

The city will pay special attention to two strategic districts: the downtown core and the east end. It also plans to strengthen PME MTL’s role in local mobilization and prioritize a dozen economic sectors.

To promote a dynamic, innovative, enabling, and influential Montréal economy, the city will invest more than $365 million in actions based on four principles aligned with its Montréal 2030 strategic plan.

1 - Accelerate the region's economic development

  • Stimulate the requalification and attractiveness of Montréal’s employment hubs
  • Deploy subsidy programs to stimulate city-wide economic vitality
  • Support the commercial sector which contributes to the city’s quality of life
  • Support quality in design and architecture

Investments of $261.1 million for a vibrant Montréal economy

2 - Stimulate the innovation ecosystem and responsible entrepreneurship

  • Strengthen support for commercializing innovations
  • Boost SMB growth by adopting innovative practices
  • Launch the ecological transition in the business community and implement a circular economy
  • Increase the social impact of social economy enterprises
  • Stimulate innovation in organizations by supporting research

Investments of $31.7 million for an innovative Montréal economy

3 - Respond effectively to the needs of Montréal businesses

  • Consolidate PME MTL’s service offering
  • Improve the customer experience for companies interacting with the city
  • Provide access to entrepreneurship for all
  • Expand business intelligence services to make them an essential component of informed decision-making

Investments of $66.4 M for a business-friendly Montréal

4 - Strengthen Montréal's influence and internationalization of its businesses

  • Develop economic ecosystems that nourish Montréal’s economic growth
  • Accelerate the internationalization of Montréal companies and organizations
  • Build Montréal’s reputation as an economic leader
  • Make Montréal a world leader in the ecological transition and the fight against climate change

Investments of $6.2 M to support Montréal’s economic leadership

A shared vision with the Québec government

These strategic principles are part of the joint economic plan established by the city and the Québec government, in accordance with the metropolis’ special status.

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