Montréal in Common: innovating together to reimagine the city

Last updated February 19, 2024
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Car, bike and kitchen sharing, and building urban greenhouses are just some of the initiatives that have been launched under Montréal in Common. The goal is to improve the population’s quality of life and share the wisdom gained from these experiments.

Collective achievements

Montréal in Common is a community of organizations working together to develop, test and deploy solutions to mobility and food issues. These initiatives are based on the use of digital data.

Some 13 experimental projects will contribute to the ecological transition and promote social inclusion. All are being tested by the public and will evolve with them.

The objectives of the Montréal in Common projects are grouped under 3 categories:

  • Mobility:
    • Reducing local SOV (single-occupancy vehicle) car trips
    • Offering more sustainable mobility options
    • Simplifying access to sustainable mobility solutions
    • Improving the efficiency and comfort of sustainable transportation
  • Food:
    • Increasing efficiency of community organizations that distribute food
    • Improving access to healthy, local food for vulnerable populations
    • Optimizing local resources to feed everyone
    • Reducing waste along the food distribution chain
  • Data and municipal legislation:
    • Adapting legislation to encourage innovation
    • Facilitating community collaboration and data access
    • Supporting the responsible use of data by the Montréal in Common community
    • Better measuring the impact of our actions to make better-informed decisions
    • Testing new democratic mechanisms

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Montréal in Common’s projects are made possible by the Government of Canada as part of the Smart Cities Challenge.