Montréal Pledge: Call for COP15 launched to world’s cities

Last updated December 9, 2022
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As host city to COP15, Montréal has invited cities across the world to make a commitment to protecting biodiversity. The challenge is to take 15 tangible actions towards pursuing and accelerating their efforts to preserve ecosystems.

In less than a month, 57 cities from all across the globe, from the 5 continents, have already commited to the Montreal Pledge. Together, they shelter more than 123 million people.

Fifteen actions

The tangible actions that cities take should fall under one of the following three categories:

  • Reducing threats to biodiversity
  • Sharing the benefits of biodiversity
  • Solutions, governance, management and education

These actions are in alignment and cohesion with the following initiatives:

Several major cities have already signed the Montréal Pledge, including Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Milan and Paris.

Montréal’s call to the cities of the world

Rise to the challenge

Do you represent a city that wants to accept Montréal’s challenge? Write to us to confirm your participation with an official letter.

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