Promotion of the French language: Montréal's first action plan

Last updated May 31, 2023
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Montréal, the French-speaking metropolis of the Americas, has reaffirmed the importance of French as an official and common language. With this plan, the French language is given pride of place while at the same time, honouring the rights of cultural and linguistic communities and Indigenous peoples

This plan aims to promote French in Montréal in an innovative and inclusive way.

Three ways to promote French

  1. Exemplarity: Making sure that internal policies and processes comply with the Charter of the French Language
  2. Promotion: Advancement of the French language throughout Montreal
  3. Inclusion: Promoting French by working with newcomers

Key accomplishments

Since its adoption in 2021, the following actions have been carried out:

  • Creating the position of commissioner of the French language
  • Creating a committee of experts on the French language to support the city in its actions