Public Participation Policy of the Borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Last updated March 7, 2022
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Pierrefonds-Roxboro places citizen participation and its development at the heart of its priorities. Reflecting this desire to listen and to have a dialogue with residents, the Policy is a framework that establishes the modalities for information, consultation and participation for urban planning.

The Borough of Pierrefonds-Robxoro’s Public Participation Policy aims to improve the contribution of citizens in the planning of the territory, to make it possible for all stakeholders involved to better comprehend and accept projects and, in the long term, to have a unified planning vision for the entire territory.

This policy gives concrete expression to this commitment and constitutes a moral contract between the borough council, the administration and the population. The measures provided for in this policy do not replace those provided for in the Act respecting land use planning and development (chapter A-19.1), but rather are complementary to them.

Four application measures

To encourage the development of projects that are in harmony with their human, built and natural environment, four measures mark out the public participation process:

  • information mesures
  • active participation measures (dialog)
  • consultation mesures
  • feedback mesures

These measures, combined with the maintenance of the referendum approval process in urban planning when required, provide an ideal working framework for citizens, Borough Council and developers.


The objectives of this Policy are as follows:

1. Transparency of the decision-making process

The various stages of the decision-making process for an act covered by this policy, as well as the roles and responsibilities of each participant, shall be presented in a manner that facilitates the understanding of the interested parties.

2. Consultation of residents before decisions are made

The decision-making process shall help make it possible for everyone interested in an act subject to a public participation process to have the opportunity to express their views as early as possible before a decision is made regarding that act.

3. Distribution of complete, comprehensible information adapted to the circumstances

The information distributed shall be objective, clear, neutral, easy to understand and available in various formats (e.g. paper, online).

4. Empowering residents with a real ability to influence

In order to ensure the credibility of a public participation process and to establish a bond of trust between the borough and the interested parties, the measures provided for in this process shall allow such parties to really and truly express their views.

5. Active presence of elected officials in the consultation process

Borough Council shall be represented during the public participation process by people who have no interest that could affect their ability to carry out their duties impartially, who make sure they listen to, hear and understand the ideas, suggestions or recommendations of the interested parties, and who report back to the elected officials so that they can make informed decisions.

6. Time limits set and adapted to the circumstances are sufficient and allow the interested parties to absorb the information

The stages of a public participation process shall be organized within reasonable time limits so that the interested parties can absorb the information necessary for their proper participation.

7. Implementation of procedures allowing the expression of all points of view favouring reconciliation of the various interests

A public participation process shall allow the greatest number of interested parties to express their views and become aware of the various points of view.

8. Adjustment of rules according, in particular, to the purpose of the amendment, the participation of the interested parties or the nature of the comments made

A public participation process shall be adapted to the local context by adjusting itself, if necessary, through complementary measures.

9. Implementation of a feedback mechanism at the end of the process

The borough shall ensure that the interested parties are informed of the results of a public participation process as well as of the decision relating to the act that was the subject of the process.

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With regard to the stated objectives, several principles and procedures constitute the foundation of this consultative culture and are essential conditions for its success. Consult the complete policy below to discover the acts and measures of public participation subject to our Local Policy.