Redesign of Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest

Last updated January 18, 2024
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Reconstruction of water lines under Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest was an opportunity to rethink the street design. Since autumn 2022, redesign work follow reconstruction of the underground pipes.

Rue Saint-Antoine will become a nicer and safer setting, one that will encourage active transportation and transit. In particular, the Express Bike Network (Réseau express vélo, or REV), will run along Saint-Antoine.

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  • Start of work: end of summer 2022
  • End of work: summer 2024


On Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest, between Avenue Atwater and Rue Rose-de-Lima


The redesign consists mainly of:

  • Addition of a protected unidirectional bike path
  • Widening of the sidewalk on the north side
  • Addition of sidewalk extensions on the south-side cross streets, and granite curbs.
  • Replacement of drains and lampposts
  • Work on traffic lights
  • Plantings

Traffic and parking

  • Two traffic lanes will be retained.
  • The north side parking lane will have to be removed to allow for wider sidewalks, vegetation and the bike path.


  • Safety of all users is a priority. The new design will allow everyone to travel more easily. Changes to lane widths will result in automobile traffic calming.
  • The new design will offer increased comfort for pedestrians, cyclists and district residents, in particular through the creation of cool islands and traffic calming.
  • Travel will be easier for those using active transportation and transit. Rebalancing the use of space will make travel by bicycle efficient and enjoyable for all levels of cyclists; the new design will allow year-round use.

Information Session

Did you miss the Réseau express vélo information session on June 9, 2022?

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