Rue Rhéaume: work at the pumping station

Last updated October 17, 2022
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To improve the quality of life of local residents and visitors, the city is adding an odour reduction system to the Rhéaume pumping station in Verdun.

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Spring 2020 to summer 2023


Rue Rhéaume, in Verdun, near the intersection with Boulevard Gaétan-Laberge and across from Parc Arthur-Therrien.


Air will be treated using activated charcoal, by equipment placed in underground chambers. A chimney will be located near the wooded area. This solution minimizes the visual impact on the neighbourhood and preserves the green spaces and the pedestrian and cycle traffic lanes.

The total cost of this project amounts to $6 million.


To prevent foul air escaping the facility and ensure the air is treated before it exits.

The explanation: the water we use for washing and toilets (what we call wastewater) first enters a local sewer conduit buried under the street, before undertaking a long journey through a vast network of underground sewer collectors to finally arrive at the sewage treatment station located at the east end of the island of Montréal, where wastewater is treated.

The pumping station moves the wastewater from local sewers toward the largest size pipes: the interceptors.

Air from the sewers reaches the surface through ventilation ducts, chimneys, doors and other openings in the sewer system. This is what happens at the Rhéaume pumping station, and that’s why foul odours have sometimes been noticed in the area.

Progress of the work and daily impacts

The city is taking steps to minimize the impact of public works projects on your day-to-day life. Read our article to learn about all project progress and the most recent notices sent to area residents.