Rue William: infrastructure and urban design projects

Last updated June 11, 2021
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Beginning in July, and continuing for six months, the city will be upgrading infrastructure on Rue William, between Rue Peel and Rue de la Montagne. Learn why we’re doing this work.

Quality design projects for an attractive neighbourhood

In addition to rebuilding underground infrastructure — work made necessary because it dates back to 1876 — the city will be modifying the layout of Rue William. Sidewalks will be enlarged and a bicycle path added.


As was done between Rue Guy and Rue Canning in summer 2020, the bike path and sidewalks will be built to the same height, in order to make the space seem wider. Signage and striping of the bike path will make the difference between the two zones very clear. For now, sidewalks and bike paths will be in temporary materials; permanent surfacing will be added later.

Since private development projects and REM construction are underway, it would not be a good idea to create permanent sidewalks. This is because some of them may need to be partially demolished to allow future buildings to be connected to the water, sewer, gas, electricity and telecommunications networks. Permanent resurfacing of the sidewalks and curbs may only be done five years from now.

Presentation of concept