Spring flood 2023 - Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève is ready!

Last updated May 17, 2023
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Here is some information about the borough’s actions, the current situation, and how to properly prepare in case of flooding.

May 17 : Recovery mode

The activation level of the Montreal Civil Security Centre’s Special Intervention Plan (SIP) is now set to RECOVERY.

Considering that the continuous recession of the water levels is assured and that the possibility of reaching critical levels once again is concidered to be very low, all temporary protective measures will be dismantled.

Protective measures that were put in place

Pits were cleaned to improve drainage in the most vulnerable areas. Temporary dykes were installed, as well as check valves in outfalls, and pumps and balloons at various strategic locations throughout the territory.

Pumps (street, crescents, and roads)

  • Barabé
  • Beaulieu
  • Bellerive
  • Cardinal
  • Châteauneuf
  • Des Cèdres
  • Des Érables
  • Du Pont
  • Jean-Yves
  • L’Ile Mercier
  • Montigny
  • Roussin
  • Roy
  • St-Jean-Baptiste
  • Terrasse Sacré-Cœur


  • Bellerive
  • Jean-Yves
  • Montigny
  • Terrasse Sacré-Cœur

Dikes were installed in the Jean-Yves, Paquin, Roy, Roussin, Chemin du Bord-du-Lac, Bellerive, Joly, croissant Barabé and Terrasse Sacré-Cœur areas. The dikes are built, sometimes reinforced with Jerseys.

Stay informed!

In order to keep you informed, we provide you with useful resources through our distribution platforms: website, Facebook, Newsletter, lighted panels, etc. We invite you to consult them regularly.

Prevention is everyone’s business!

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How do I know if I live in a flood zone?
By consulting the map of the Quebec government.

Other useful information:
Info-Santé: 811
Emergency: 911