Transformation of the Empress

Last updated February 15, 2021
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View the various ideas that have been submitted on the public areas of the future Empress.

Since March 2020, the public consultations have advanced and new designs have been drawn up to help us imagine what the Empress could be like. A mandate was given to the SHDM for the residential component, and the cultural and commercial components also remain to be defined. 

In fall 2020, the public responded to the call for input. The purpose of the first virtual consultation activities was to gather a pool of ideas, suggestions and comments on the future Empress. No less than 285 pages of proposals were collected through these activities. 

In February 2021, individuals and organizations gave more detailed presentations of their visions for the public spaces in the new Empress. 

You can view all the ideas submitted, the presentation videos and plenty of other relevant information on the renewal of the Empress. 

Summary of the stages of the Empress transformation project

Presentation of the proposals - February 2021

The consultations on the transformation of the Empress are continuing! 

Over the course of three evenings in February 2021, 13 presentations of ideas and proposals submitted by individuals and organizations were hosted online in order to expand the thinking on the topic and spur discussion. 

Watch the presentation events or view each of the proposals

Presentations on Tuesday, February 9

  1. NDG CC (Community Council)
  2. Le Briffa 
  3. RDV NDG
  4. DBS Empress Theater


Presentations on Wednesday, February 10

  1. NDG Art Hive
  2. Notre-Dame-des-Arts
  3. PAAL partageons le monde
  4. The Empress Market


Presentations on Thursday, February 11

  1. The Wheel Club
  2. InterGen virtual studio
  4. Raviver l’Empress
  5. Heritage Empress

Consultations in 2020 - summary

In July, the firm AEdifica was hired to conduct a public consultation on the future Empress’s cultural spaces and to draw up a preliminary functional and technical plan with respect to the public facilities component. 

View the various steps and the summaries of the public consultation activities held in November and December 2020.

*Due to COVID-19 and the public health measures issued by the Government of Québec, the public consultation activities will be held online. There are various ways to participate and to be heard on the subject of the renewal of the Empress.

Novembre 3 to  December 3 

On November 3, do not miss a presentation of the project, the different stages to come and an overview of the results of the co-creation workshops. Time will be allocated for a question period.

Presentation document of the virtual public consultation

View the webinar presentation(November 3)

  • 1-30 minutes: Presentation of the Empress project
  • 30-45 minutes: Presentation of the virtual public consultation
  • 45-1h30: Questions period
  • 1h30-1h52: Presentation of the form

Thanks to strong public participation, nearly 100 proposals were submitted between November 3 and December 3. The firm AEdifica is currently summarizing all the ideas that were received. 

The summary of the public’s proposals will be presented on Thursday, December 10 in the evening as part of a virtual presentation for all. During the presentation, the main themes of the participation exercise will be discussed. Time will also be allocated for you to ask your questions.

View the webinar presentation(December 10)

  • 1-21 minutes: Statistics on data collected
  • 21-41 minutes: Student work
  • 41-50 minutes: Questions period
  • 50-1h12: Public input via forms
  • 1h13-1h59: Questions period

Following the virtual presentation of residents’ proposals on December 10, you are now invited to consult the documents summarizing the ideas proposed in connection with the consultation.  

This overview of the proposals is designed to encourage further discussion with the public. In keeping with this, you can send us your first impressions of the ideas received and help decide on a name for the future building. 

You have questions about the project?