Work on the McTavish pumping station: News and impacts

Last updated February 22, 2022
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Construction work on the McTavish pumping station is a major project that may have an impact on your daily life. Find out what you need to know.

Project news

Find the latest news about the project and what Montréal is doing to reduce its impacts here.

Phase 1 has been completed!

Please note that although this phase has been finished, a few things will be finalized by February 2023. Minor road obstructions might occur.

Circulation back to normal

Streets, parking areas and access to Parc Rutherford have been reopened to traffic. In addition, Avenue des Pins is once again one-way westbound beginning at Avenue du Docteur-Penfield. Please note that only left turns are allowed from Rue McTavish and Rue Peel onto Avenue des Pins.

Construction to resume in 2024

In order to ensure the best coordination of work in the sector, completion of Phase 2 of the station upgrade has been postponed. This work is now scheduled for 2024-2031.

It will involve upgrading to equipment and renovation of water distribution infrastructure:

  • Increasing building wall security
  • Installation of new pumping equipment
  • Construction of new supply pipes for the pumps
  • Upgrading of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Complete redesign and replacement of electrical system
  • Architectural repairs to the station, with conservation of its heritage
  • Landscaping work around the station and in Parc Rutherford
  • Redesign of the embankment at the corner of Avenue du Docteur-Penfield and Rue McTavish

Construction notice

See the most recent notices to residents.